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About Us

At 5:3 with two match points in the fifth set on Federer’s serve in the 2011 US Open semifinals, he twisted defiantly his mouth and conveyed with his eyes that there was still more to play. And he was right. He defeated the Swiss player 7:5 after 4 hours!

Eight years later, in the famous Wimbledon final, after saving two match points in the fifth set, he defeated Roger after more than 4 hours.

The historic 2012 Australian Open final, the longest-ever GS final. Nadal faced a tired Djokovic, who had broken Murray in the semifinals after four hours and 50 minutes. The Spaniard once stated that it was the best match he had ever played in his career. And the hardest loss. He lost it after 6 hours of fierce battle. During the ceremonial speech, neither Novak nor Rafael could stand due to exhaustion.

A passion for perfection. He is always striving to be a little better. On the court, hungry for triumphs. Smiling or angry; sometimes unbearable to both us and himself. He breaks both rackets and opponents. He repeatedly defeats himself first, then the opponents. Flexible as a string.

Off the court, Nole fights another battle, perhaps even more important. He sets an example of how to be a good father, son, husband, and brother. A Serb and a patriot. He builds kindergartens across the country. He provides scholarships to the best students and young researchers. He finances treatment for the sick, donates equipment to hospitals, and renovates houses and institutions after natural disasters. He helps children and Serbian institutions in the occupied Kosovo and Metohija. He ensures better education for our children and supports young parents through various educational programs.

That is why this site supporting Djokovic is the least we can do to remind ourselves of his greatness and the deeds by which he has indebted us all, and to show that we can and must be better every day in everything we do.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading source of information and connection for all things related to Novak Djokovic. We provide a space for fans to exchange insights, update on Novak’s matches, and contribute to a worldwide support network for his career and charitable commitments. By fostering a community that respects privacy, promotes fairness, and supports integrity, we mirror the values that Novak himself represents on and off the court.

Our Mission

  • We center around the interests and engagement of fans, creating a community dedicated to supporting the greatest tennis player of all time.
  • We focus on Novak’s involvement in sports and his social and charitable endeavors, providing up-to-date information that help further these causes.
  • While we celebrate Novak’s successes, we also respect his privacy and recognize the achievements of his competitors, promoting sportsmanship and fair play.

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Here, you’ll find the latest news, match analyses, and a forum for sharing your passion and support for Novak. Together, let’s continue to cheer on Novak Djokovic as he carves his path through tennis history.

Thank you for choosing as your source for celebrating a tennis legend. Join us in our mission to support and respect an incredible athlete and philanthropist.