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Game is Still “ON” For Novak Djokovic, Despite Recent Losses

Haters will say that’s it, these are the last struggles for Novak to maintain staying at the top, right? And indeed, he has quite a bad start to the season. It’s weird seeing him not lifting a trophy since the start of the year.

But will it affect his GOAT status? I really don’t think so.

In his most recent match, Novak Djokovic faced a defeat against the 10th-ranked player, Casper Ruud. The match was closely contested, with Djokovic losing in the deciding set. This loss adds to Djokovic’s struggles in the 2024 season, but it is crucial to remember that even the greatest athletes face setbacks.

The match between Novak Djokovic and Casper Ruud was a highly competitive encounter that took place in the Monte Carlo Masters. Both players showcased their skills and fought hard for victory. The match went to three sets, with Ruud ultimately prevailing in the deciding set. The final score was 6-4, 1-6, 6-4 in favor of Ruud.

This is a great moment for Ruud since he finally managed to end as a winner against Djokovic, and their h2h score now is 5-1 for Serbian. Too bad for him for not keeping the same form in the final (he lost against Tsitsipas (1-6; 4-6).

This Is Why I Think There Is Still More To See From Novak

There Is Still More To See From Novak

The 2018 tennis season was a memorable one for Novak Djokovic. Coming off an elbow injury that sidelined him in 2017, the Serbian star faced big questions about his form at the start of the new year.

Djokovic’s first test was the Australian Open in January, a tournament he had won six times before. But this time, things didn’t go his way. He suffered a shock loss in the fourth round to a rising South Korean player. It was Djokovic’s earliest exit from Melbourne in over a decade.

The next few months didn’t go much better. At prestigious Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami, Djokovic fell short early on both times. These uncharacteristic defeats raised serious concerns about whether he had fully recovered from his injury issues.

When the European clay season began in April, Djokovic hoped the slower surface would aid his comeback. But it wasn’t to be – he lost in the second round in Madrid and fell even earlier in Rome. Then at the French Open in late May, Djokovic suffered perhaps his most painful setback – a quarterfinal loss to an unseeded Italian on the red clay in Paris.

After five straight tournaments with disappointing results, Djokovic’s confidence had taken a major hit. But he was far from done. At the grass-court event in London during June, Djokovic played well to reach the final, a sign he may be turning the corner.

That momentum carried over to Wimbledon, where Djokovic had his biggest result of the year so far. Powered by a renewed belief in himself, he lifted the trophy there once again. It was proof that last year’s struggles were firmly behind him.

Djokovic kept rolling for the rest of 2018. He won the Masters title in Cincinnati, then claimed his 14th Grand Slam crown by winning the US Open in September. Djokovic wrapped up his stellar season by capturing the Shanghai Masters trophy in October.

Through it all, Djokovic showed the heart of a champion. Even when facing setbacks, he never gave up belief in his abilities. By the end of 2018, Djokovic had completed one of the most impressive comeback stories the sport has ever seen – a true testament to resilience, determination and class.

Some people may say that he is now older. Indeed he is, at 37, things are probably more difficult, especially proper recovery. But, after all, it’s Novak.

We all know about his strict diet, a lifestyle dedicated to the sport, and training, he really is playing tennis!

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer - comparing legends

Now let’s compare it to other legends. I will, of course, start with Roger Federer. He won his last Grand Slam in that year when Novak had a bad start, the 2018 Australian Open. And he retired in 2022, so Roger played the next 4 years without getting the ‘Slam’.

Also, he was 36 back in 2018. While Novak is 37 at the moment, he will set a new record as the older player who ever won the ‘Slam’ if he lifts one more before retirement.

The case with Nadal is no different, the only thing is that he is not retired yet. The interesting fact is that we can watch his comeback at the ongoing Barcelona ATP.

There are other factors that may be contributing to Novak’s current form. For example, Goran Ivanisevic is no longer his coach. There are rumors that Zimonic might be the next one, but we are waiting for official news. What we know by now is that Nenad (one of the best double tennis players ever) was part of his team in Monte Carlo. We will wait to see whether this is just a temporary solution.

The crucial is that Novak stays in good condition, to achieve proper recovery, and plan his next tournaments right. I suppose the main event this year, the 2024 Olympics, is his main goal. The golden medal is the only thing Novak hasn’t acquired yet. So, it would be an incredible result even it remains the only title in this season. There are a few months left for him to prepare.

Year 2024 Can Still be a Season to Remember

Not only because Djokovic will have a chance to lift the Olympic gold, but also because Nadal is getting back ( at least he tries to…).

 And even though I am a huge fan of Novak, seeing two of them in the finals of any tournament once again would surely be a spectacle! 

You know, besides all those youngsters, the two legends reaching the finals would be a story for all the front covers.

How Long Will Novak Play?

There were many interviews where people asked him this. And I really like his answer. Novak always repeats that he will play tennis as long as he enjoys it. I assure you that may be related to physical state, and recoveries becoming more and more challenging.

As for this year, this certainly isn’t over for him, and history can teach us that as well. He manages to stay a favorite in every tournament. Bookies are also giving him a good chance. The results are different from site to site, but in most cases, he is in the top 3 contenders.

I think he will invest all his time and effort into preparing himself for a good performance in Paris.

I choose to believe that he is not pushing his limits as he is trying to stay fit for the Olympics.

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